It has been almost a year since my last blog post. And what a year.

You see, last January, I found The One. And when you find The One you get so caught up in the glow of new love, that everything else pretty much falls into the background. I’m talking about my new house, of course. It’s actually quite an old house (late 19th century) but that’s another story.

Discovering my dream home involved a deep breath and massive leap of faith, as it meant moving my family away from the localities my husband and I grew up in. It meant leaving our jobs, changing our son’s school, and saying goodbye to many friends and neighbours. It meant giving up the safety and stability of a suburban existence and trading it for rural country life.

The process was intense and emotional – from purging, renovating, and staging our house for sale, to negotiating with a very difficult and unscrupulous couple in order to purchase the new one. And once the key was in our hands, we thought the way was finally clear to make our big move… until we were devastated by unexpected developments on the property that shook our confidence (and our pocketbook) to the core.

It took my family months longer for us to settle into our home than we originally planned. But we are here, and I’m ready to get back to work. I am committed to writing more design features than ever, and my new home will provide me with a ton of welcome inspiration. Among other things, I’m starting a new blog about the many adventures we’ve had (and will likely continue to have) as we navigate our new life. Some of the blog will cover renovations and decorating updates, some of it will be our personal story. I hope you’ll join me when it’s ready to launch as a sister page to Hearth & Gable Interiors.

Welcome to my beautiful old house on the hill. Welcome to Tett House: “An old house that had lived its life long ago and so was very quiet and wise and a little mysterious. Also a little austere, but very kind.” – LM Montgomery